Nollywood: Today and beyond @OlakanmiSanusi

I relish the synergy often set out at media events, most especially when you imagine what preparations and efforts have been put into such an event.

Have you been there? The razzmatazz, the madness of the paparazzi’s to get close ups and take a pick of the various postures of celebrities, the ABM’s, in case you don’t know, it’s an abbreviation for ACTING BIG MEN, the gossips, celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, the glamour and surreal moments that often come along with award ceremonies, film premieres and all. Now that’s what makes it entertaining, most especially when it carries with it the vavavoom appeal!

Mark you, the premise of this submission or any form of submissions you may find here is not founded on the platform of rash criticism or one of a cynical mind-set is an opinion, a perspective, a point of view, an analysis and of course a critical submission of an observer who like many has picked up the gauntlet to identify with Nollywood too. An opinion though may influence or sway other opinions to leave their standpoint and conform to another, it is still an opinion, the difference though is the influence!

A critique of a film or any work of arts or any work endeared towards propelling commentaries and responses from people is what sets the pace and creates a platform for every one opinion no matter how insane or contrary to popular expectations they are to be heard. They deserve a right to be heard.

This lucid and evasive reaction by film producers and awards organizers to commentaries and opinions made by critics should stop. The simple case is if you don’t have a good piece, worthy material and you lack what it is to show up with a good work of art, don’t even go there! Your options are as many as they come!

However, that is not to say that one good virtue of a work of art should be ignored at the expense of its million minuses. The point is no matter how horrific and terrible the skunk may smell, at least its smelly nature wards off attack from animals whose attack it is more vulnerable to.

The focal point here is no matter how bad a work of art or a creative work appears there must be something commendable and positive about it.

But for those who flagrantly ignore even the basics of the entire creative process, you can choose to view your creative work in the confines of a chosen (paddy paddy media parleys) of people who would feed you with the positives you want to hear, don’t bring it to the public glare!

For your education, any piece of work that has the gauntlet to go public at all must be ready to face the pressure, the pain and the gain, whatever the outcome of such an adventure.

Question-have you done your homework properly? Do you have a thorough grasp of your so called perceived field? What are you doing better in this game? Adventures are not most times designed to conform to your expectations, they come in thrills, frills, they mesmerize, take on different characters and that’s why it’s called a package, excuse me that’s why it’s called an adventure.

When a writer writes a book, he takes the reader on both the sane and insane, mundane, abstract, real and unreal trappings of his mind. They may be fictitious in nature but whatever the story and characterization, they are yet of his making! So when men choose to let their works of art be dictated by their egos and take on the garb of monopolistic appraisals of their own work only from the myopic perception of praise singers and perceived friends, who will settle for mediocrity rather than integrity, there lies an unending rot in their creativity. As in naija lingo, your journey no far!

Remember though, in case you forget, you can sell a bad product once if you’re lucky but you can never sell a bad product all the time. Rebrand it, repackage, give it a new name or rechristen it, the core of the matter is that in submission, no matter how well analysts rewrite the bible, Judas will still be Judas, a bad product is still a bad product!

Time and time again, after much conviction and harassment to get off what some good colleagues perceive as a destructive, sit down, groan, moan, look personae and attitude at Nollywood or African film industry, award ceremonies and thee like, the greatest charge therefore is that narratives and perspectives should continually be challenged, with the sole intention of making things better.

The sit-down look and continually put down people who have created time to at least add value to what obtains presently should be sheathed. Our criticisms and fears concerning the industry are best channelled by bringing something far better to the table.

Nollywood has come to stay and the greatest task for all is to ensure that as it continues to grow in leaps and bounds, we judiciously and consciously re-educate our minds, retrain ourselves and add more value to the present status-quo no matter how little.

Definitely for Nollywood, there is a deeper wave than this!

Olasunkanmi Sanusi.


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