The objectives of the Association are:

  •   To ensure maintenance of standards and code of conduct for the members

  •  To create professional awareness and protect the interest and welfare of members

  •   To create an enabling environment for the members to share their experience and skills with each other

  •   To promote activities that will enhance our abilities to make great films

  •   To share relevant information beneficial to the welfare of the members

  •   To honour, respect and support equality and fairness in all circumstances regardless of members status

  •   To provide a forum for meeting and interaction of the members and the public

  •   To promote unity among the members and ensure group solidarity and harmony.

  •   To cooperate with other organizations in the UK and Africa having similar objectives

  •   To obey and respect the laws of the United Kingdom and other African countries

  •   To provide a forum for dispute resolution and reconciliation for its members

Our Story

The Exploitation of Nollywood – A Call for Reorientation
Nollywood the ongoing worldwide phenomena in entertainment is only about two decades old but everyone seems to be in on the frenzy. Milking, sucking, and grabbing all they can to their own advantage. It is great to see a concept or industry out of Nigeria giving opportunities and benefiting many people including Nigerians and non-Nigerians around the world. However, there is the concern that all these beneficiaries of Nollywood seem to almost ignore an indispensable group behind the success of Nollywood – the filmmakers or producers. The question is – how many of these beneficiaries really care about the welfare and progress of the producers/filmmakers who struggle to raise hard earned monies and dish out the time required to put together these films that continue to drive the Nollywood phenomena?

Television outlets and Cinema companies are thriving on the broadcast and showing of Nollywood movies. Websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, and other tabloids and media outlets now devote substantial time and space to racy news and gossips that come out of Nollywood in order to draw attention, get more hits, increase their ratings, or get more sales even when such racy news turn out to be false or partially incorrect. Businesses, promoters, managers and organizations are springing up here and there with the objective of organizing Nollywood related events that will attract Nollywood fans who are eager to pay ticket fees just to meet their favorite Nollywood actors. In some cases such Nollywood names and faces used to sell tickets and promote such events never show up at such events. Some who have no idea about film making take up the title of managers, promoters, or talent agencies and enlist the following of young aspiring actors giving them hopes and non-assured promises of jobs or roles in Nollywood films and productions.

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